Crystallised Ginger Shortbread (x8)


**Made with butter**

If you love shortbread and crystallised Ginger, then you have a marriage made in heaven. Buttery and creamy with pops of crystallised Ginger to make your heart sing. (Story Below)

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I remember my grandmothers shortbread, with the crunch when you took a bite, and it was the little crystals of sugar that stuck to your fingers and the sides of your mouth, she used caster sugar in her recipe. I guess sweetness of both my grandmothers cooking and personality is why I love making shortbread today.

Using Icing sugar and crystallized ginger is a great twist on a family favourite and timeless classic that you will love to indulge on as a treat, or share with friends and family while creating great memories of your own.

Grab a pack today and experience the Lotta Love flavour