Cynthia Louise 21 Day Cleanse

I am not one to do a cleanse or detox at all, I have been following Chef Cynthia for a while and really enjoy her plant based foods.

Read below for more about my experience.

My experience of Chef Cynthias 21 Day Cleanse Program

I am not one to do a cleanse or detox at all, I have been following Chef Cynthia for a while and really enjoy her plant based foods. Earlier this year my husband and I decided to do the 14 day Plantbased food challenge not really knowing what we would enjoy, a few of those dishes were worrisome to me like Tofu and Risotto as they were not amongst the food that I like, however I thought come on let’s do this with an open mind, and OMG the food including the Tofu and Risotto was amazing I loved it all and in fact I repeated this course it was so good. Anyhow back to the 21 day Cleanse,  Chef Cynthia has designed this cleanse with the 3 brains which are the HEAD, the HEART and the GUT, I looked into doing this because I thought my body temple would enjoy a break and I wanted to give this a go since I had not done a detox before.

The first and third week breakfasts were a variety of porridge’s which were great, quinoa, amaranth, steel cut oats etc, the 2nd week breakfast was a combination of veggie broth homemade and miso soup, very quick and easy. The lunches over the 3 weeks were all different varieties of fruit based and vegetables based smoothies that were delicious especially the “sexy nutty, which had a base of cacao and peanut butter “

The dinners were a variety of soups which were beautiful as well especially the roasted tomato and the cauliflower and Brazil nut to name just 2 of many great ones.

Also which makes this the most amazing value for money, there is a section called the cleanse library, and this is not only Chef Cynthias recipes which all have a video of the recipe so you can cook along side her but also has the following people 

Kat Dawes is a Spiritual Teacher who runs a programme called NOWism, she has a series of snippet videos about how you can create the world you want to live in by learning how to become the person you want to be by paying ATTENTION to the PRESENT MOMENT, really interesting game that is mindfulness at its best. Everything is possible, the only limits are the ones you place on yourself.

Daina Kahu who is a Body Relationship Coach and she has many tips and tricks to help you get your body moving in a way that serves you, unblocking and clearing the channels so to speak so you can become a healthier body temple.

Phil Hoare who is a Autoimmune Transformation Specialist who is a health coach and speaker who works with people to optimise their health.

The food is all liquid and the reason being is so it goes straight to the gut faster and starts the process of building the gut bacteria that will in time give your body the ease and flow to be healthier and happier with no health problems.

I will have to be honest my husband made it easy for me in the respect that he decided to do this as well so I was only making the one meal for both of us.

Most of the meals except for the veggie broth and a couple of soups for made in less that 30 minutes and very little dishes and clean up, so impressed being the one who does the dishes.

By the second week I was feeling really good and so was my husband, we had no hunger issues as the meals were very filling, in fact by the 3rd week we were only sharing a smoothie for lunch, we did not need a whole one each, I felt more focused, no fuzziness , I had energy to burn and I had not felt this good in years. In fact I have had fibromyalgia for 16 years and was always tired, but this had gone and so had my pain , so you can imagine how pleased I was and both my husband and myself had lost weight which was a lot of inflammation in our bodies so winning all round.

If you think you would like to give this a go, click on the Cleanse program in Cynthias shop page and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Or if you want to get in touch with me drop me a line and we can talk some more about this amazing cleanse. 

I believe you won’t find any better program out there for the cost of this one, you will be amazed.❤️


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